It's time to make dinner! Unfortunately, a key ingredient is missing. Look around to see if you can find an appropriate substitute. If you're feeling particularly creative, you can substitute multiple foods at once for a fun combination. If you're feeling particularly desperate, you can use something that isn't food at all! And if you're feeling both creative and desperate, you can combine a non-food item with one or more foods for a substitution. Substitutions are the main thing, but feel free to throw in extra ingredients that might make the recipe even better! (Note: items are added as "extras" by default; you'll need to specifically mark what item(s) you want to use as a substitution.)


  • Some of the accessibility audio might be missing
  • The game might crash when you unlock an achievement - the issue happens intermittently so I haven't been able to fix it. If you do encounter this bug, just restart the game.
  • Please report any other bugs you find, as I'm not aware of them.

    Accessibility: voice accessibility mode (read items on mouseover) is off by default. You can turn this on in the settings. 

    Controls: mouse. I wanted to make this work with keyboard/controller as well, but ran out of time. You can still use keyboard/controller in the menus (start menu, settings) if you like.



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    Development log


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    Bugfixes in latest update:

    • When you click the "next recipe" button, items are now reset properly.
    • Submitting the correct non-food substitution no longer crashes the game.
    • Added sugar (it was missing previously)

    Good thing it did not say tofu in 865675 pt font across the top of the screen or anything.. Dice... smh.... LOL

    Love the assortment of items and concept. very fun and zany.